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Media Appearances


TIME: Why Access to Birth Control Is No Substitute for Abortion Rights

Littlejohn writes in this op-ed for TIME that promoting prescription birth control for birthing bodies should not be the solution to abortion restrictions. Instead, she argues that contraception must work alongside abortion, not as an alternative to it. 


NPR-1A: A Look Back on Birth Control

In this live interview with Celeste Headlee on the nationally-syndicated radio show, NPR-1A, Littlejohn discusses the history of birth control, the legacy of eugenics, and gender inequality in birth control use.

KERA Think

KERA-Think: The Gender Politics of Contraception

Littlejohn discusses Just Get on the Pill in this live interview with Krys Boyd for North Texas' NPR and PBS station. She talks specifically about the hidden ways that society legitimizes inequality and the harms of a gendered approach to pregnancy prevention.  


WDET: New Book "Just Get on the Pill" Takes Look at Uneven Social Messaging Around Birth Control

Littlejohn joins Annamarie Sysling on Detroit's NPR station to discuss Just Get on the Pill, the oppression of marginalized people via social approaches to birth control, and the need for improved sexual education to help young people more fully enjoy their sexual experiences.

WDET--Detroit Today

Jefferson Public Radio: The Birth Control Inequality of Just Get on the Pill

In this live interview with Geoff Riley on Southern Oregon's NPR station, Littlejohn discusses insights from Just Get on the Pill and the social messaging that enables the uneven allocation of responsibility in birth control. 


Mashable: The dark side of the pill, as revealed by new research

Writer Anna Iovine describes Littlejohn's insights from Just Get on the Pill, highlighting the unnecessary gendering of condoms, the surveillance of marginalized women's bodies, and the pervasiveness of gendered messages about birth control in society.

Salon: The gendered burden to "Just Get on the Pill": "That is not reproductive freedom. It's the opposite."

In this Q&A with Salon, Littlejohn discusses the social forces that shape gendered behavior around condom use, gendered expectations of tolerating discomfort while on the pill to prevent pregnancy, and sexual violence in young women's experiences with non-consensual condom removal.


Ms. Magazine: Britney Spears's Case Exposed a Systemic History of Reproductive Control

Littlejohn draws on Britney Spears's experience in this op-ed for Ms. Magazine to spotlight the history of reproductive coercion around contraception and abortion in the United States and the role that cis men have played in regulating the bodies of people who can get pregnant.


For more on Dr. Littlejohn's work, check out this review in the Times Literary Supplement. Littlejohn has also appeared on Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang on SiriusXM, The Electorette Podcast, and Two Broads Talking Politics, among other radio shows and podcasts. For more on her public writing, you can find her on Medium